Matt Raydo

Executive Director

Matt is the Executive Director of HTI and leads most of the major decision-making processes within the organization. He is focused on setting the vision for HTI to follow and funnels his efforts into leading the fundraising portion of HTI. Without donations, without the help of generous and giving people, HTI wouldn’t be where it is today; and without Matt, HTI would be at a standstill developmentally. Matt started HTI officially in January of 2019 and obtained the 501(c)(3) status in July of 2019. The driving motivation for Matt’s work is to make a difference and help somebody that is in need of assistance, equipping them with the proper tools and resources to be successful. Matt’s goal is to see students and adults have equal opportunities to learn and be successful in their education or careers. In this spare time, Matt is a huge sports fan, and you can find him playing on the golf green, or coaching one of his kids on a sports team! He has a lovely wife and two children that inspire him every day to continue making HTI better every day.