Christian Faith Center Academy

Imagine being a mother of six children and suddenly you are forced into converting your home into a classroom having to facilitate the daily instruction of your children. What makes this scenario even more challenging is that you do not have the finances to purchase the necessary technology for each of your children. This story became the reality of one the parents at Christian Faith Center Academy.

With the most recent wave of COVID-19 in the nation, many households were disrupted as the need for alternative means of educating their children arose. Many districts looked for methods of educating students as schools were lockdown due to the state’s stay-at-home orders. The necessity for remote learning became more prevalent and more than ever, the need for additional parental support became crucial. In every household with school-aged children, additional technology became essential. For the parent at Christian Faith Center Academy with five school-age children, the need for additional chrome books was pertinent.

Like most schools serving low-income populations of the rural communities, there has been a shortage for funding for items in short supply such as computers. According to one of the administrators of Christian Faith Center Academy, “Outside funding is crucial in assisting us in obtaining technology for our students to utilize outside of the classroom especially due to the mandate of remote learning. Once families receive this technology, it creates an environment that both the students and parents can win and the cycle of learning can continue.” Since receiving laptop donations from HTI, families at Christian Faith Center Academy including the family mentioned were able to receive chrome books which were a lifesaver for their homes and learning environment. What would have been a crisis for this mother turned into a success story and became an overall win-win situation for everyone especially for the students. Now the mother who was once without hope has been empowered to assist her children in their remote learning experience.

Christian Faith Center Academy will forever be grateful for organizations such as HTI for reaching out into their communities and assisting schools through technology. The outcomes for their investment into the lives of these students will be far-reaching. Our hope is that these students will achieve successful career goals and also mimic the example set by this organization in giving back to their communities.